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home:   Updated daily.

  • tour:  this is a quick 'tour' of some of the most visited pages of this website.  Updated 07/19/2016.

  • site directory:  You are here.  Updated daily.

  • how to help:  What you can do to help make this website a success.  It isn't just for Unshackled members anymore.

  • FAT: This page is devoted to the FAT (Faithful, Available, Teachable) LIFE group.  Updated 12/07/2019.

about us:  Information about the Unshackled Life Group.  Updated 05/01/2017.

  • why?:  What motivated the creation of this website and what is its purpose.  Updated 10/16/2015.

  • life groups:  Listing of the LIFE Groups at First Baptist Church of Black Forest with links to their webpages.  Updated 08/06/2015.

  • our missionaries:  Missionaries the Unshackled group supports.  Updated 07/19/2015.

  • local events:  Upcoming events in Colorado Springs area and reports on past events.  New 08/28/2015.

  • evangelical christianity:  What exactly does it mean to be an Evangelical Christian?  Updated 06/08/2015.

  • southern baptists:  More about Southern Baptists and Southern Baptists in the news.  Updated 07/29/2015.

  • southern baptist beliefs:  As members of the Southern Baptist Convention, what do we believe?

  • become a christian - why and how:  Why would I want to be a Christian and how to become one.

  • testimonies:  Personal testimonies (and more).  Updated 07/02/2016.

  • faith evangelism:  FAITH Evangelism class.  New 9/26/2015.

  • motivation:  Ever need some motivation? Updated 07/17/2015.

current events:  Interesting new articles will be posted here first and later removed to the appropriate sub-page.  Updated daily.

  • abortion:  We are strongly pro-life.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • christianity:  Articles specifically on Christianity and the Christian life.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • entertainment:  Reviews and recommendations for Christ-friendly entertainment.  Updated 09/28/2019.

  • first amendment:  Freedom of speech and religion.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • feminism:  We hold to a biblical view, but feminism is in the news a lot.   Updated 01/30/2021.

  • humor:  We try to add a bit of humor every day.  Entries on this page do not start on the 'current events' page first.  Updated daily.

  • inspiration: Articles that can serve as inspiration to us.  Updated 12/30/2019.

  • islam & israel:  We strongly support Israel and oppose radical Islam.  Updated 10/13/2019.

  • islamic terrorism:  It is time this topic had its own category.  Updated 10/19/2018.

  • LGTB, etc:  Was 'marriage & homosexuality' but needed to be expanded.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • other news:  Articles that fit in none of the above categories.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • other social issues:  Other social issues of interest, not in one of the above categories.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • politics:  Pure politics and the campaign for 2016 and beyond.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • race relations:  Articles that pertain specifically to race in America.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • second amendment:  Articles that pertain specifically to gun control, etc.  Updated12/07/2019.

  • spiritual readiness (warfare): Related articles taken from The Stream.  Updated 06/08/2019.

  • trail markers:  Sometimes it seems the end times are approaching.  Updated 09/09/2019.

actions:  Go here for latest on what you can do.  Links and/or suggestions for action.  Updated 11/04/2019.

  • confronting culture: resources to help understand and confront our culture as Christians.  Updated 06/13/2019.

  • a christian response: a lot of info about what is happening in the world and what we should do about it.  Updated 06/02/2019.

  • personal revival:  For national revival, we first need personal revival.  Updated 11/10/2015.

  • revival in america:  Our history and our current needs cry out for revival here in America (and abroad).  Updated 09/21/2016.

  • promote your church:  If you go to a great church, why not help promote it?  New 08/05/2015.

  • watchdogs: Organizations that fight for out values, in court if necessary.

  • support and boycott: Companies we specifically target for support or boycott.  Updated 09/18/2015.

  • how to take action: How to information, such as how to write to public officials.  Updated 06/23/2015.

  • how to make your case: Articles on how to argue / debate your position on various issues.  Updated 05/30/2015.

  • easy evangelism:  Evangelism for the faint of heart.  Even the most shy can evangelize.  Here are some tips.  Updated 12/08/2018.

  • everyday actions:  More suggestions for the 'Christian activist.'

  • contact public officials: Contact information for public officials, from the president to local Colorado Springs.

favorite sites:  Websites of interest (as opposed to specific articles).  First listed here, later moved to sub-page.  Updated 08/07/2016.

  • defending the faith:  Websites specializing in Christian apologetics.  Updated 08/07/2016.

  • activism: Christian organizations specializing in Christian activism.  Updated 06/11/2015.

  • news and politics:  Websites to help keep us informed.  Not limited to conservative sites.  Updated 04/25/2017.

  • blogs:  Blogs, likely Christian in nature, but not mandatorily so.  New 07/02/2016.

resources:  Specific recommended resources with descriptions and/or reviews.  Updated 12/18/2015.

  • evangelism: Home page for all evangelism resources.  Updated 01/14/2019.

  • audio:  Recommended audio.

  • books:  Recommended books.  Updated 08/01/2016.

  • software:  Recommended software and apps.  Updated 08/04/2015.

  • video:  Recommended videos, dvd's and movies.  Updated 05/26/2015.

  • american history:  Recommended resources for American History.  Updated 07/02/2016.

  • america's foundation:  Religion and Christianity are our major foundation.  More on America's founding.  Updated 08/13/2016.

  • america's great!: What makes America great.  New 07/11/2016.

  • american politics:  Recommended resources for our current political situation in America.  Updated 10/08/2016.

  • christianity:  Christian resources of all kinds.  New 12/18/2015.

  • islam:  Under construction, with multiple sub-pages.  Updated 06/12/2017.

  • daily devotionals:  Daily devotionals - books, online (website and via email).  Updated 07/18/2015.

  • bible reading plans:  Links to a variety on printable and online (yet to come) Bible reading plans.  Updated 08/05/2016.

  • scripture memorization:  Lots of resources are available to help you get started.  Updated 05/16/2018.

  • progressive speak:  A guide to progressive-speak.  Updated 02/08/2021.

  • wretched: Featuring selected Wretched videos with Todd Friel.  Updated 09/03/2017.

  • prager U videos: Selected videos from Prager University.  Great Stuff!  Updated 09/03/2017.

  • gospel presentation:  Home page with links to various gospel presentation methods.  Updated 12/08/2018.

  • 3 Circles: Evangelism tool from the North American Missions Board of the SBC.  Updated 10/18/2017.

prayer:  'home' page for prayer requests.  Some requests may being here before moving to a sub-page.  Updated 5/26/2015.

  • unshackled: Prayer requests from the Unshackled LIFE Group of FBCBF.  Updated weekly.

  • america:  Prayer requests for our country and other countries, as well as for the church at large.  Updated 09/02/2015.

blog:  Here we post blog commentary.  Anyone can submit, but it must get past the webmaster!  Updated 07/31/2018.

discussion:  Experimental comment page to facilitate some discussion.  Updated 06/23/2015.

  • same sex marriage:  Comments concerning same sex marriage and the Supreme Court decision.  Updated 06/26/2015.

  • revival:  Comments concerning the need for personal, local and nation revival.  Updated 06/26/2015.

  • abortion:  Comments of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

  • politics - 2016:  Comments on politics in general and the 2016 election specifically.

contact us:  Contact information, including a contact form, subscription form to be added to our email list and a donation button.


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  • Tocqueville: Quotes about America from Alexis de Tocqueville.  Updated 03/16/2017.


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