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Free Speech or Not?


Jan-Mar 2017

(03/30/2017) End the Filibuster’s Power of Obstruction.  Good overall summary of the filibuster.


(03/22/2017) Cosmopolitan Doesn’t Understand How the Constitution Works.  That is being kind.  To anyone who knows anything about the Constitution, this screed is total nonsense.  Unfortunately, Cosmo's target audience may not know much about the Constitution, so it is possible they might buy into this b.s.


(03/22/2017) New DSCC ad shows mother selling her engagement ring to pay for daughter’s medical bills.  So the party whose Obamacare raised premiums and deductibles for millions has the chutzpah to claim that it is the GOP that is going to raise costs!  Lying scum is a kindly description of today's Democrat party.


(03/22/2017) You Won’t Believe This Dem Rep’s Solution to Fight ‘Fake News and Alternative Facts.’  Watch MSNBC!   


(03/21/2017) Anti-Trump media: 91% coverage negative, 96% of donations to Hillary.  Is anyone actually surprised?


(03/20/2017) The Fight for America Has Only Just Begun.  And I just hope and pray that we have the guts to join in the fight and not just sit on the sidelines.


(03/19/2017) Maxine Waters goes completely unhinged.  I rather thought that she has always been unhinged.


(03/17/2017) California Dems Promise Taxpayer Dollars to Defend Illegal Immigrants.  Should we be surprised?  I just heard a pundit claiming that the Bill of Rights and the 14th amendment all apply to anyone who wants to enter the US.  What???


(03/17/2017) Will Trump Adopt a Jacksonian Approach to the Judiciary?  Good question.  It would probably not be good for the country to have open warfare between the judiciary and the executive (and legislative).  And yet the judiciary needs to be held responsible.  Making law (SSM) and ruling on the basis of campaign statements (Trump's EOs) are just recent examples of them far overstepping their bounds.  Liberal judges have long ruled on the basis of what they think the law SHOULD BE rather than on the actual law. 


(03/15/2017) Judge blocks Trump’s revised travel ban, cites campaign remarks as ‘evidence of religious animus.’   The only thing that matters is the law.  You would expect a judge to know this.


(03/15/2017) The Rich Are the Party of the Left.  There is plenty of evidence that the rich tend more Democrat than Republican - though the media pushed the opposite meme.  But this article simply points out that the colleges and universities that suppress free speech tend to be those that have a much higher than average concentration of students from wealthy families.


(03/15/2017) The Pelosi Principle.  It boils down to this: if the government "lets" you keep more of the money that you earned, then you are taking it away from someone who could (should?) have had it instead.


(03/15/2017) The Trump Message and Messenger.  Victor Davis Hanson again - always worth the read.


(03/15/2017) Twitter reacts to Tucker Carlson calling out MSNBC over biased news coverage.  This is in regard to their efforts to keep the "Russians hacked the election" story alive.  Two points.  First, it isn't just MSNBC.  And second, why is Trump supposed to provide evidence of Obama "wiretapping" (and there is evidence, though not solid - yet) while the Russian "hack" apparently does not need evidence to remain in the news?


(03/12/2017) Democrat Lobbyist and Brother of Clinton Confidante Earned $170K from Russia to Get Obama to End Sanctions.  Time to repeat the cliché: if Democrats did not have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.


(03/12/2017) This Might Be the Most Ignorant Thing Diane Feinstein Has Ever Said: "there is a real danger, I believe, that the Justice Department could become politicized.”  Well, it is close.


(03/11/2017) 'Los Angeles Times' Puzzled at Lack of Trump Hatred.  Well, it certainly isn't for the lack of trying by the likes of the LA Times.


(03/11/2017) AG Sessions Tells 46 Remaining Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys to Hit the Bricks.  Note how what is standard operating procedure is presented as something scandalous by the Dems and the MSM.


(03/09/2017) Albright: ‘I Am Concerned About the Lack of Women’ at the Top of Trump’s Government.  Gee, I am more concerned with things such as keeping America safe from terrorists, restoring strong and functional families, the availability of jobs, the state of our infrastructure and more.  I guess some of us simply have a different set of priorities from Albright.


(03/09/2017) "Do our smug politicians promise utopia because they cannot cope with reality? Do lectures compensate for inaction?"  Another great VDH article: Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff.  


(03/09/2017) The Great Debate Experiment.  Read for details, but suffice it to say, it does not support the notion that Clinton lost because of her sex.  Here is more: Trump and Clinton Genders Reversed


(03/08/2017) Loretta Lynch: Need More Marching, Blood, death on the Streets.  Senate Dems post her impassioned plea on Facebook page as 'words of inspiration.'  Sarah Palin puts targets on targeted congressional districts and she is inciting violence.  Democrats explicitly call for violence - no big deal.  Can anyone pretend that our media is serving the interests of our country?


(03/07/2017) The Trump Effect.  Cal Thomas points out that the MSM is fixated on the "Russian Connection" (though that could be changing due to Trump's counter-attack), while they are trying hard to ignore the soaring stock market and soaring optimism about the economy.  Why might this be? 


(03/06/2017) You Can Tell What Leftists Are Doing by What They Accuse Conservatives Of Doing.  Ask yourself: could they get away with this if they did not have a partisan media backing them up?  But the times, they are a changing.


(03/05/2017) The Dems are proud of the ‘dignity’ they showed during Trump’s address to Congress?  Well, they didn't turn their backs or march out during the speech, so ....


(03/03/2017) Too Much of Nothing.  Dare I admit that I am actually getting angry with the Democrats and the MSM?  Not merely unhappy, but angry.  It is pretty obvious that there is no low that they won't sink to in their efforts to undermine the Trump administration, and, dare I say, America.


(03/03/2017) Conspire with Russia to Swing a Presidential Election?  It's Been Done.  By Teddy Kennedy and the Democrats.  But that is OK, because their hearts are in the right place.  Be sure to keep this in mind - many, many Democrats think that any tactics on their part are justified because they believe they are in the right and conservatives are in the wrong.  Either that or they are just dishonest, lying scumbags to whom power is everything.  Take your pick.


(03/02/2017) Bill O’Reilly: I’ve Never Seen an Ideology Collapse Like Democrat Party Today.  Their ideology is toxic, especially to Evangelicals - though we are hardly the only ones.  I hope O'Reilly is correct.  He doesn't understand economics at all, but he isn't far off in other areas.


(03/02/2017) The Confusion of the Dems.  The Democrats (and the MSM, for that matter) are so committed to opposing Trump at every turn, that their behavior is sometimes irrational and petty.  Wait, they've always been like that!  But they are being even more irrational and petty.  This article links to some other good articles on the subject.  Irrational and petty?  When many (not nearly all, thank God) resort to calling the Navy SEAL's widow a "tool," of Trump, that is definitely irrational, petty and a few other choice adjectives.


(03/01/2017) Media analysis: Only 3% of network news coverage of Trump’s first month was positive.  This is hardly surprising form a MSM that claims it doesn't play favorites.  Let us see if this changes going forward.


(03/01/2017) President Trump Makes the Union Great Again.  There is hope once again.  For a long time I have felt that America just doesn't do big things any more.  Here is hoping that changes.  Here is more: Is February 28, 2017, 'The Night the Democratic Party Died'?  Hyperbole.  Maybe, but maybe not.  Read it and judge for yourself.  Update: Franklin Graham: That Was One of the Best Speeches I've Ever Heard.  And this: Trump Reversing 'Devastating Trend,' Says Christian Leader.  'Destructive Obama-era policies' on president's chopping block


(02/27/2017) Politifact issues ‘mostly false’ rating for a Trump tweet that it admits is accurate.  This is not surprising and just reinforces the need for discernment on our part when it comes to following the news.  Trump tweeted about an article that shows that our national debt has declined since he became president.  In fact, debt has declined even more since Trump tweeted.  I read the original article and did not post it here simply because it is probably nothing but a short-term blip, so to speak.  But it is absolutely true, nonetheless.  Politifact has long since shown that the pursuit of truth is not part of their agenda. 


(02/25/2017) Michael Moore is With You.  This is an article about the "campaign" going on concerning the selection of the new head of the Democrat National Committee.  Never has the media shown such an interest in the selection of a party chief, but as the article says, "They have a deep professional interest in the selection of their new leader."  Indeed, they do.  Much of the MSM takes their marching orders straight from the Democrats.


(02/25/2017) Ashley Judd: Trump’s Election Victory Worse than Being Raped.  I think that some people's sense of priorities is seriously out of kilter.


(02/21/2017) Seven Days in February.  Trumps’ critics, left and right, aim to bring about the cataclysm they predicted.  Since they predicted it, they (not Trump) are working hard to see it come about.  This is another Victor Davis Hanson column, and, as always, is well worth the read.


(02/20/2017) President Trump Has Been Far Too Nice To The Mainstream Media.  Kurt Schlichter, the author of this column, is a "take no prisoners" sort when it comes to dealing with the Left.  I am moving into his camp.  On a personal level, I still try to treat everyone with respect.  On a collective level, I feel I have to engage in unrestricted warfare with the progressives.


(02/19/2017) Speaking of the Melbourne rally, the MSM and the progressives did not like it.  Their response, as someone points out, is exactly why Trump won.  President Trump didn’t even wear a tie to attack media, undermine democracy, hug schmuck at Florida rally.  


(02/19/2017) Poll: Americans want Democrats to work with Trump.  Of course, people always say they want the parties to work together.  But one thing is certain.  If they do not, the MSM will declare it to be the Republicans fault.


(02/18/2017) Who Rules the United States?  How bureaucrats are fighting the voters for control of our country.  Final line of article: "Who rules the United States? The simple and terrible answer is we do not know. But we are about to find out."  Let us work to ensure that power is returned to "We the People."


(02/18/2017) Elite NYC Prep School Cancels Skating Party at Trump Ice Rink.  Politicians  aren't the only ones behaving like little children.  The problem is, the results are not as trivial as in childhood spats.  The Left thinks that Trump, his family and all his supporters must be punished.  They simply cannot tolerate the fact that lots of people disagree with them, but that those same people now control the federal government - though not the bureaucracies, yet - and most of the state governments.  This from the party of "tolerance" and "Love Trumps Hate."


(02/18/2017) Schumer: GOP Wants to 'Rush Through' Cabinet Nominees Because 'They're Ashamed' of Them.  Is anyone tired of politicians acting like spoiled children and treating "we the people" like children as well?  The rhetoric coming out of Washington doesn't  make me angry so much as embarrassed.  Of course, for Democrats who believe in the nanny state, I suppose treating voters like little kids, who cannot be trusted to think for themselves, comes naturally.  Yet speaking for myself, I have never been so happy with cabinet picks.  And I have been taking note of them since 1964.


(02/16/2016) The Obama Connection, &C.  The question is, how involved is Obama in all the attacks and efforts at undermining the Trump administration?  In short, we don't really know, other than the fact that Obama affiliated organizations and former Obama administration officials are heavily involved.  Historically, the losing party in a presidential election has been content to sit on the sidelines and let the winners have a go at things - for a while, at least.  Not this time.  But given how much the press was in the tank for Hillary during the campaign, and how they have been even more extreme in trying to destroy the Trump administration post-inauguration, it is possible that all these efforts at undermining the new administration will backfire.


(02/15/2017) My Response to Huffington Post Contributor Wanting to Talk with a White, Christian Supporter of Trump.  A Michael Brown column.  Sadly, those on the Left rarely have any desire to even hear what a conservative Christian has to say, much less give it any serious consideration.  But who knows?  Maybe the Holy Spirit will help out.  You never know.


(02/15/2017) US Economic Freedom Has Hit a Historic Low. What Happened?  Well, the initials are BO and that doesn't stand for "body odor." I suspect things will change significantly over the next few years.


(02/15/2017) Purging the Marriage Penalty.  This has to do with the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit).  People who receive this tax benefit are low income.  This is exactly the population with the weakest family structure and yet we provide a tax incentive that actively discourages strengthening the family by encouraging parents to be married.  Quite the contrary.


(02/15/2017) Ruling Blocking Trump Ban Doesn't Even Mention the Applicable Law.  Politicized? No doubt about it.  The judiciary is supposed to be independent and non-political.  They should not be above criticism.  Some judges have long relied on the reluctance of others to criticize them personally (as opposed to criticizing their rulings) in order to use their rulings to push a clearly partisan agenda that has nothing to do with actual law.  It is high time such judges get called on the carpet.  Repeatedly.


(02/14/2017) Note to the Left: Four Years Ago, Conservatives Were Just as Depressed.  How true.  Yet our response was considerably different.


(02/11/2017) David Horowitz: Dems are now 'Party of Hate.'  Sad to say, it is true.  Anyone who disagrees with them is a horrible person. 


(02/11/2017) Boo-Hoo: 'Civil Servants' Upset by Arrival of Trump.  Well, try as I might, I'm having a hard time getting upset over this.


(02/11/2017) Analyze This.  This is more on the story about the Muslim bothers who were IT specialists for Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.  The MSM seems to be totally ignoring this story, presumably because it makes both Democrats and Muslims look bad - a twofer in the wrong direction.


(02/11/2017) Study: Liberal-to-conservative faculty ratio in academia will blow your mind.  Overall, it is about 10 liberals for each conservative.  I am curious what portion of faculty is religious, but I haven't seen any surveys on that.


(02/09/2017) Dems Call for Their Party’s Autopsy--But Won’t Admit the Patient Is Dead.  Food for thought.


(02/09/2017) The Spirit of America: Conservative Grassroots Leaders Plan Massive Pro-Trump Demonstrations Nationwide.  I don't know just how these coordinate with or overlap with March4Trump.  Here is the website for Main Street Patriots, the sponsor of the Spirit of America rallies.  Keep an eye on our actions page and I will try to keep the latest info there.


(02/08/2017) A Muslim Brotherhood Security Breach in Congress.  There’s a national security risk swamp to drain.  This is serious stuff.  Needless to say, the MSM is being pretty quiet about it.  After all, it involves Democrats and Muslims.  Sigh, I wish I could be less partisan, but sadly the Democrats - who favor abortion, restrictions on the First Amendment, socialism, only a "living" version of the Constitution, and more - give me no reason to.  Update: SHOCK: Dem Staffers Still Working House IT Jobs While Under Criminal Investigation


(02/08/2017) Curt Schilling Slams Liz Warren: Senator ‘Lieawatha’ Represents ‘Everything We Hate About Politics.’  I'm posting this only because I do not care for Elizabeth Warren, plus I am a Red Sox fan.


(02/07/2017) DeVos wins confirmation on Pence’s vote.  This is good news, indeed!


(02/07/2017) Media Becomes Victim of its Own Fake News Narrative.  Right after the election, the MSM and the Left made a big deal about "fake news," claiming that, along with Russian "hacking," it was responsible for Trump's election.  They ignored the fact that they were responsible for much of the fake news.  Post-election, in their desperate attempt to discredit the Trump administration, the MSM has indulged in so much fake news that they have stopped talking about "fake news" since doing so only brings attention to themselves.


(02/06/2017) 5 Steps to Crush America's Voter-Fraud Threat.  'It's really not that difficult. What we are missing is the political will.'  Unfortunately, all that political will has to come from the GOP since the Democrats have no interest in dealing with a problem that benefits them greatly.  Democrats complain about "voter suppression," but can come up with virtually nothing but theoretical examples (e.g. minorities aren't smart enough to get voter id cards).  The Heritage Foundation has documented hundreds of cases of fraud, and every fraudulent vote - the great majority of which are for Democrats - cancels a legitimate vote.  Surveys show that a large majority favor voter id and other means of reducing fraud.  Hopefully the GOP under Trump will finally muster the will to act in the face of what we know will come - Democrats and the MSM screaming about "voter suppression."  Having confidence in the integrity of our elections is critical, even if the Democrat party opposes it.


(02/06/2017) The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.  Well, there is an old saying that conservatives think liberals are misguided and liberals think conservatives are evil.  So "the Left hates you" is really nothing new, other than they are being a bit more blatant these days.


(02/05/2017) CBS Poll: Two-Thirds of Democrats Say Islam, Christianity Equally Violent.  Wow!  It is actually worse.  Another 9% of Democrats think Islam is less violent, making it 75% that think islam is less or equally violent.  And the overall number is 56%.  63% of Republicans say Islam is more violent, only 14% of Democrats think so.  There really is not much to say about this other than the fact that our media does not do a good job.  So what else is new?


(02/05/2017) The Left Made a God of Their Politics, and Now We See it.  Let us not do the same.  I like what I see in Trump as president, but he is not going to lead this nation back to God.  That is our job and we need to get to work.  At least Trump is unlikely to stand in the way.


(02/05/2017) Errors From The Press Are Piling Up In The Opening Weeks Of The Trump Administration.  I have to question whether they are "errors" or whether they are deliberate.  Perhaps they are just bias - the press seeing what it wants to see rather than what is really there.


(02/05/2017) Democrats Lie Down With Dogs.  This columnist seems to have a poor opinion of the way Democrats are currently behaving.  He is not alone.


(02/04/2017) What, Really, is the Democratic Party?  Is it possible that they are nothing but a special interest group of government employees and those that feed off the government, using idealistic and naive people as tools to hang on to power?  The evidence suggests this is the case.


(02/04/2017) DNC Kicks Out One of Its Chairman Candidates.  Why?  Because that individual criticized Muslim candidate Keith Ellison based on how Islam treats homosexuals.  Friends, we have a serious problem when one of our two major parties is clearly committed to, not merely ignoring the many problems of Islam, but to actively encouraging Islam - and as a result, Islamists.  All the more reason for us to be on our knees praying for revival in America.


(02/04/2017) Media Goes All Out To Stop Trump; Magazine Cover Calls For Assassination!.  Yes, really.


(02/04/2017) You wanted celebrities to be more creative with their anti-Trump PSAs and, well, they tried.  "Try" is the key word here.  They also failed.  Why anyone listens to these people is beyond me. 


(02/03/2017) Four Major Takeaways from President Trump’s Nomination of Justice Gorsuch.  A good Michael Brown column.  One of the takeaways is "The Democratic Party Can Not Be Appeased."  Sad to say, I am afraid the he is correct.


(01/31/2017) Lower Conduct Standards for Liberals.  A typical Walter Williams column - straight to the point.


(01/31/2017) The Democrat Patient: Ignoring the symptoms, misdiagnosing the malady, skipping the treatment.  Yet another great Victor Davis Hanson article.


(01/31/2017) What's Next?  Are the Democrats seriously considering boycotting Trump's first address to a joint session of Congress?  Seriously?  That may play well in the liberal echo chamber, but it won't play in Peoria.


(01/30/2017) Is Hugh Hewitt’s “The Fourth Way” The Way To Win?  Kurt Schlichter thinks that Hugh Hewitt is "too nice," though he seems pretty happy with Hewitt's overall message.  Not that there is anything wrong with being nice.  I am a firm believer in nice.  But we have to take care that we don't let others get away with bad things simply because we want to be nice. 


(01/30/2017) Is the Left Over?  Anyone who watched Ashley Judd's speech at the "Women's March" might be forgiven for thinking so.  I watched the speech so you don't have to.  If I had decided to write a speech to make Leftism look bad, I could not have done better.  Yet she was cheered and praised.  But while her speech was totally idiotic, there apparently are enough people who buy into idiocy that the Left will manage to stick around.  On a related topic: Stars Line Up to Bash Trump's Immigration Ban as SAG Awards Turn Political


(01/29/2017) Tell Me What All Those Cabinet Departments Do.  The fact is that much of what government agencies do is useless or pointless or positively harmful.  And yet government workers receive far more compensation than their private sector counterparts.  If said workers are so capable and skilled, stick them out in the private sector and have them actually contribute positively to the economy. 


(01/29/2017) California Democrats Threaten to Stop Paying Federal Taxes.  This and the whole "Calexit" business shows that California Democrats are not very bright.  Without California, Democrats will be hard pressed to ever win another national election.  And California is in such debt that they can never dig themselves out of it on their own. 


(01/27/2017) Voters Like What Trump is Doing, and They Can't Stand the Press.  One example from the article.  The NY Times said Trump lied about voter fraud.  It is possible he exaggerated, but we cannot be certain of even that.  Obama, on the other hand, just a couple weeks ago, actually did lie about "voter suppression" (read the article), and the Times simply accepted his statement, not characterizing it at all.


(01/26/2017) Senior staff of the State Department reportedly did NOT quit, they were FIRED.  Take news has only gotten worse since President Trump was inaugurated.  And the purveyors of fake news are the very news organizations that vow to stomp it out.


(01/26/2017) Pelosi: Democrats Do 'the Lord's Work,' Republicans 'Dishonor God.'  Apparently we conservatives "pray in church on Sunday and they prey on people the rest of the week." 


(01/26/2017) Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy ...  This is about how biased the AP has become.  Read these opening words of multiple articles.  Of course, it means that the press is off pursuing trivialities while Trump is actually getting stuff done.  Intentional?  Possibly: Trump is playing with the press: Glenn Reynolds. 


(01/25/2017) Ultrasound: The Anti-Science Left's Bugaboo.  To the Left, everything is political, and that includes science. 


(01/21/2017) Reflections on the Trump inauguration.  I thought this brief article contained some really good insights.


(01/19/2017) What Trump is up Against.  This has to do with the administrative state and bureaucracies.  If he is willing, Trump and Congress have two handy tools already at their disposal.  While firing bureaucrats is almost impossible (though this should be changed - the people that pay them certainly have little job security). Congress has the power to reduce any civil employee's salary down to $1.00 annually.  In addition, Congress can certainly move federal agencies headquarters out of DC to more remote, less desirable locations. 


(01/19/2017) The Gospel of Matthews.  That would be Chris Matthews.  One disadvantage that evangelicals have in the political arena is that we put a lot more effort into our religion than we do into politics.  For most progressives, politics is their religion and they put a huge amount of effort into it.


(01/19/2017) Obama Exists Stage Left, With a Lie and a Threat.  Progressives have really taken "1984" to heart.  Anything that promotes the progressive agenda is "truth" and anything that harms said agenda is "fake."  The USA is one of the few countries that does not require voter ID, and yet Obama claims the US is one of the most restrictive countries when it comes to voting and that it is a legacy of Jim Crow and slavery.  He just makes this stuff up and the media doesn't make him back it up.


(01/18/2017) Trump to CNN: Retract “blatantly false story” on Tom Price.  As Lincoln said about Grant: "He fights."  And it is about time that we actually started to fight back against smears and lies from the progressive Left.  For far too long we simply have let them go unchallenged.


(01/18/2017) Rhode Island high school reschedules midterms for anti-Trump walkout.  


(01/18/2017) Gallup Poll: America In Worse Shape Now Than At Start Of Obama’s Presidency.  While I agree that things are worse, this poll is not comparing a 2017 poll to a 2009 poll, but rather just asking people what they think now, looking back over the last 8 years.


(01/17/2017) "Never Trump" Republicans Whine That Trump May Say "Never Them."  These are all "national security experts" who signed either one or two "never Trump" letters saying that Trump was a danger to America and the world.  While Trump hasn't actually said he won't hire any of them, apparently some are concerned that they won't get jobs in his administration.  Cry me a river.  Always remember that public pontifications may come back to bite you.  If you truly believe it, say it.  If you are merely virtue signaling, beware. 


(01/16/2017) 300 Jewish Leaders Are With You.  "You" being Muslim Keith Ellison for head on the DNC.  It is pretty clear that for many Jews, Leftism is their religion, although I do wonder what it takes to be called a "Jewish leader."  It is a good thing that Israel does not depend on them.


(01/16/2017) 8 Men Control the Same Amount Of Wealth As Half The World – 6 Support Democrats.  While the level of support varies, the wealthiest people do seem to lean Left, even though most people seem to believe the opposite.  A biased media couldn't have anything to do with that, could it?


(01/15/2017) Democratic Party Bullies Try to Scuttle Trump's Inauguration.  So what else is new?  I seem to be saying this a lot these days.


(01/15/2017) Sun Sets on Clinton Global Initiative.  I guess it is a lot harder to peddle influence when you have no position and no prospects.


(01/14/2017) The AP Spins Lewis Vs. Trump.  Suffice it to say that media bias is not going away.


(01/13/2017) Profs pledge to 'use regular class time' to protest Trump.  When I was in college - at the height of the Vietnam War, mind you - almost all of my professors were liberals, but none of them talked politics in class.  My, how times have changed.


(01/13/2017) The Inauguration War.  The Left prepares its counter-attack on American democracy.  Given that some wish to declare martial law to prevent Trump's inauguration, this is not surprising: Rosie O'Donnell Thinks Martial Law Should Be Imposed Ahead Of Inauguration


(01/12/2017) More on Obama's farewell speech: The Comforting Fictions Of Obama’s Farewell Speech.   


(01/11/2017) Is the Trump/Russia “Dossier” the Fake News of the Decade?  This article is the most useful one I have seen on the subject.  Update: Time for Heads to Roll at the CIA.  This whole business is looking worse and worse.  But not for Donald Trump.


(01/11/2017) Donald Trump, the Johnson Amendment, and the Question of Christian Cowardice.  Interesting.


(01/11/2017) No, You Didn’t.  This is a review of Obama's farewell speech.  Update: here is more - Obama’s Legacy Will Be Failure At Home And War Abroad.  And more: Obama Looks Back


(01/11/2017) I love America. It's Americans I hate.  Really.  Another Leftie who spouts off slogans like "Love Trumps Hate" and then goes on to display a hatred far more intense than that he supposedly sees in conservatives.  But he is being honest, at least.


(01/10/2017) ThinkProgress Senior Editor Is Scared of His Plumber.  Why?  Because he might have voted for Trump.  The only thing more amazing than the fact that so many on the Left a desperately afraid of everything Trump is their willingness to write about it.


(01/08/2017) Yo Democrats, THIS tweet about middle America from nobody Melinda Byerley is WHY you keep losing.  Just face it, folks.  We are horrible people.  Those wonderful people on the Left keep telling us so.  They've said it so many times, they must be right.


(01/07/2017) There is No Lack of Atheists in Politics, Just an Abundance of Religious Poseurs.  Apparently there is only one member of Congress who claims no religious affiliation.  It does beg the question - how many who claim to be (fill in the blank) really are? 


(01/07/2017) No, Trump’s Dismissal of Obama’s Ambassadors Is Not an Unprecedented Crisis.  It turns out that Obama did exactly the same thing and the MSM paid no attention.


(01/02/2017) Victor Davis Hanson Dismantles Myths of 2016 Election.  MOre great stuff from VDH.


(01/02/2017) WaPo’s Gerson: Trump Will Either ‘Cause a Constitutional Crisis or Have a Completely Incompetent Presidency.’  Well, the pundits and experts haven't done a very good job predicting anything Trump-related so far.  As with the #nevertrump people, they are just desperate to be able to say "I told you so." 


(01/02/2017 Delusional Democrat Leader says Democrats Lost because they were “Too Nice.”  Perhaps if she said "not nasty enough," I might agree.


(01/01/2017) 9 times the media attacked Trump supporters.  Only nine times?

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