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For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Romans 1:16 (ESV)


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The Bridge to Life

Revised and updated: 01/07/2024

The Bridge to Life or more commonly The Bridge Illustration has been around for a long time and there are many variations along with plenty of supporting verses cited.  The images provided show some of that variation but also makes clear the commonality. 


The Cliff Notes Version:  There is a great chasm between sinful mankind and perfect God.  There is no way that we can cross that chasm by our own efforts, but by the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ, God has provided us a bridge to cross that chasm.

It is highly unlikely that someone will be persuaded to give their lives to Christ based on the "Cliff Notes" version, so you'll want to flesh it out.  Since The Navigators developed the Bridge, the following resources are primarily Navigator ones.  

The Bridge to Life - This is the Navigators page on the Bridge to Life.  It includes everything you really need to know, including a two page pdf reference that you can download via this link, or just download via the next item.

The Bridge to Life (pdf) - This is the aforementioned two page pdf.  I love two (or one) page pdf's because they can be printed on a single sheet of paper and used as a reference - or even to hand out to people.

The Bridge Illustration - This comes from the Navigators of Canada.  While basically the same, it is a bit shorter and the illustrations are a somewhat different.  

The Bridge to Life (plus) - This references the Bridge to Life as a Navigator tool, but provides some other good stuff.  Included are links to various supporting Bible verses, but more importantly, it provides Billy Graham's brief and to the point "The Bridge to Life."

The Bridge Illustration 2-7 (pdf) - This is a 6 page pdf from the Navigators 2-7 series on discipleship that thoroughly explains The Bridge Illustration.

Note that from the illustrations and the links, there are a great many Bible verses that can be used to illustrate the Bridge to Life.  Perhaps the most all encompassing verse is Romans 6:23.  In fact, there is a variation of the Bridge that uses only that single verse: One Verse Evangelism.

Videos?  Did I hear anyone ask for videos?  Fear not, here they are:

This video has the virtue of actually having someone speaking to go along with the images.  It is fairly long and very detailed..  I would be inclined to show the video rather than to try to mimic it. 

No voice, just music.  But very nicely done and covers all the bases.

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Memory Verse Cards 

Our standard evangelism verses should do the trick.  As always, you can download the following Word document, print two-sided, flip on long edge.  If your printer can handle card stock, use it.

Memory Verse Cards - Evangelism (ESV)

Memory Verse Cards - Evangelism (NASB)

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