Bible Reading Plans

Nothing like reading the Bible daily.  And although we often feel the need to read a particular bit of Scripture now and then, that is no way to to ensure that you read the entire Bible (or the OT or the NT) over time.  There is great satisfaction in picking a Bible Reading Plan that fits our objectives and sticking with it to the end. 


Most plans can begin at any time, but some one-year plans are designed to begin Jan 1.


Recommendations always welcome.


Printable Reading Plans:


Checkbox:  Strictly speaking, this isn't a 'reading plan' at all.  Rather it is a pdf document with a checkbox for each chapter of the Bible.  You can read the Bible in any order you wish, over any time frame, checking chapters off as you read them.  Print it out, stick in in your Bible, and start keeping track of your reading.  Here is another version that looks great, but might be harder to use.


Bible Reading Plan for Beginners:  This is a plan in the form of a printable pdf document that covers about 40% of the Bible in 170 days.  As its title indicates, it is intended for those without a strong background in the Bible.  It is a good way to get a solid grounding in the Bible before tackling the whole enchilada.  For more information about this plan, visit the host website.


"Genres" Style Bible in a Year: Each day of the week, you'll read a different 'genre'; Sunday for the Gospels. Monday for the Law, Tuesday for History, etc.  Organized Sunday through Saturday for 52 weeks, so it is easiest to begin on a Sunday.  From Alex Tran's website where there are a number of additional reading plans.  Here is a slightly different version with checkboxes (from Richland Creek Community Church).


New Testament in a Year:  This is a printable pdf, organized Sunday through Saturday for 52 weeks.  Covers one book of the NT at a time, but the books are not covered in sequence.  From the State College Evangelical Free Church.



Online Reading Plans:


Bible Gateway Reading Plans:  Bible Gateway is one of my favorite Bible Resource sites.  They have over a dozen different plans which you can subscribe to.  You can begin each plan today, and will receive email reminders.  You'll get some other emails as well, but nothing particularly annoying and you can unsubscribe at any time.  If you check your email regularly, this is a good way to go.  


Bible Study Tools Reading Plans:  Bible Study Tools is another great resource site.  They offer a bunch of reading plans, which not only can be started any day, but are customizable.  You can even take notes online.


Back to the Bible Reading Plans:  These plans are a cross between printable and online.  Some of the short plans just list the readings, while the longer ones allow you to bring up the text online (from Bible Gateway).   Although you can begin any time, the one-year plans are designed to being Jan 1, so you would be starting in the middle if you begin on a different date.

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